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JPRI crash investigators, crash reconstructionists and injury research experts have many years of experience on Indian roads examining crashes, determining road safety issues and identifying solutions to typical problems in road design, vehicle engineering and human behaviour. They refine their skills everyday while performing on-site crash investigations and in-depth crash data collection on a daily basis.

To promote the science of crash safety, JPRI has developed training and awareness programs for organizations and schools. Below are the training and awareness programs conducted by JPRI.

  • » Building a crash/accident database - Basic concepts and requirements.
  • » Crash Investigations and the Haddon Matrix Primer.
  • » On-site Crash Investigations Intensive hands-on training program.
  • » Basic Accident Reconstruction using high school physics and a calculator.
  • » PC Crash Accident Reconstruction Software. (Check the PC Crash page for more details).
  • » The human anatomy, crash injury types and injury mechanisms.
  • » Coding injuries and determining their severity using Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS).
  • » Vulnerable Road Users in India and their safety.

"What do I need to know as a crash investigator? How can I estimate the travel speed of a vehicle? How can I determine if the driver was attentive and was wearing a seat belt? Could a person die in a luxury car in spite of having all the current safety systems?"

If these are some of the questions in your mind, then our training and development programs can help you unravel the mysteries of crashes using scientific techniques and well-defined methodologies.


JPRI believes that understanding the science of crashes and injuries is required for everyone in India in order to help people be self-aware and take the right safety decisions. Most of this science is not very difficult to understand, and the fun part is, it can be applied to the real world very easily to demonstrate.

Take a look at the following videos that we think everyone (including kids) should watch.

Understanding Car Crashes: It's Basic Physics

Understanding Car Crashes: When Physics Meets Biology

Making Safer Roads

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